Earned Ticket Program

Give Back Get Back

We’re excited to announce our Earned Ticket program that encourages interested festival-goers to volunteer their time, passion, and skills to help organizations in the Charleston community. In acknowledgement of their participation, volunteers who complete all program requirements earn one General Admission Ticket to attend High Water 2017! Only a limited number of volunteer openings are available so SIGN UP NOW! 

Volunteers will need to work a minimum of 8-10 hours* of volunteer work with our selected organizations before earning their ticket to High Water 2017. Volunteer Hours will be counted by their organization of choice as completed and volunteers will receive credit only if they attend and complete the entire shift(s) or other requirements for the project they registered for. 

Select ONE of the organizations below to sign up for a volunteer activity for the opportunity to earn a ticket. 

* Total number of hours to earn a ticket is determined and overseen by your organization of choice.


Charleston Waterkeeper

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Waterway Clean-Ups – Help protect your local creeks and rivers by removing trash and debris.
  • Educational Events – Help inspire good stewardship and conservation of your waterways.
  • Outreach Events – Help raise awareness in your community about the issues facing our waterways.

The Green Heart Project

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Green Heart Buddy – Help support our in-school and after-school garden programs by serving as volunteer mentors, working with our students in our gardens and kitchen classrooms once a week for a 12-week program.
  • Green Heart Crop Mob – Help assist our Garden Champions in maintaining and loving our school gardens so that the space is always ready and beautiful for our Green Heart Project programs and lessons. Crop Mob members dedicate 10-12 hours per semester at our various garden sites on a weekly basis.


Water Mission

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Volunteer at Walk for Water – Every March, Water Mission hosts its biggest fundraiser and advocacy event of the year – the Walk for Water. Over 4,000 participants carry buckets of dirty water through the streets of Charleston to represent the walk that over a billion people make every day just to collect dirty water. On Saturday, March 25 volunteers will help with everything from setting up tents and tables in the early hours of the morning, to guiding over 2,000 cars into various parking lots, to distributing over 4,000 buckets, and even just giving our participants high fives and fist bumps to get them excited. Together, we will create an awesome event that transforms lives around the world!