Arum Rae


Arum Rae, latin for water lily, did not have the traditional beginning to her singer/songwriter career. There was no early high school band, or incessant small-town touring, or performing at all. She applied for Berklee College of Music at the urging of her music teacher and was accepted, with scholarships, on merit of her vocal ability. After college she moved back home.

Home for Arum Rae is central Virginia, where she began getting her toes wet. Arum would drive up to three hours, eventually ten, from Virginia to play at various open mics in Washington, D.C. and Frederick, Maryland, which would then open the door for her to return as an opener, and finally performing as the headlining act. Crowds were entranced by her sound which is heavily influenced by jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. Her style blends heavy, nocturnal beats with auto-tuned soul singing and has won her praise from multiple platforms.