What a difference three years makes. Lucius went from being the five-piece Rolling Stone claimed was the “best band you’ve never heard of” to the group you can’t get enough of. The band’s uphill ascent began when frontwomen Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig crossed paths while at college in Boston; more than 10 years ago, Lucius started making music and hasn’t stopped since. Though not truly twins the two sing in a strong unison, doubling their high, clear voices and creating a third sound that is as unnerving as it is lovely. The hypnotic sound can only be mirrored by the bright colors, patterns, and light that accompany the group on stage.

The lookalike twosome is backed by their counterpart bandmates Dan Molad, Pete Lalish and Andy Burri, Lucius spent more than 250 days on the road in the past year. Since the critically acclaimed release of their 2013 debut LP Wildewoman they have built a stunningly loyal following, and share an intimate bond with their fans. It’s not uncommon to see Lucius doppelgängers in the crowd.